Gnat Bowden, OXEN FREE
Caitlin Rooney, Full Circle A
Sally Lawton, PAIRS
Aaron Zeghers/Meganelizabeth Diamond/Tayler Buss/Scott Fitzpatrick/Jean Borbridge, Spent Messages
Barbara Hammer and Sam Richardson, Bedtime Stories
Coping, We Can Play All Day
Sara Sowell, Perpetual Inventory

Feather Chiaverini, Tucked in Blouse out
Institue of the Cosmos, Gilgamesh: She Who Saw the Deep
SEEN x Cactus Club IFF, Inside Again
Charlie Wetzel, My Time in New York
Vaughan Larsen, Ritual of a Girl
Steve Reinke, The Hundred Videos
Craig Neeson, Assimilation into Space
Sara Sowell, Dada’s Daughter